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Dunsford 2020

Dunsford 2020 - by Pip Hayes, Nick Kirkland, Andy Payne and Jan Traylen

A Year in Pictures

At the start of 2020, Pip Hayes, Nick Kirkland, Andy Payne and Jan Traylen set out to photograph the year in our village, supported from the beginning by Dunsford Parish Council.

We had no idea what a momentous year it would turn out to be. We’ve now published the “Dunsford 2020” book containing over 250 photographs in a mix of full colour and stunning black and white pictures showing the natural beauty of Dunsford and the amazing people who live here responding to what we all hope is a unique year. We have only used photographs taken during 2020 and have aimed to tell the story through the seasons, from the storms early in the year to the glorious summer and into a magnificent autumn.

People have appreciated nature more than ever before and we were incredibly lucky to be able to exercise outdoors surrounded by such beauty. The village came together to provide mutual support and we have featured as many examples of this as we can.

The book is a limited edition print available now for £15.00, and it can be purchased at Dunsford Village Stores. All proceeds go to Dunsford environmental projects.

For more information contact Pip Hayes, Briton Bank, Dunsford, Exeter, EX6 7HA T: 07970 252881 E: piphayesindevon@gmail.com

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